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Real Estate Business Club Annual Real Estate Summits Across Pakistan On the budget 2019-2020

A meeting was held by Real Estate Business Club and Federation of Realtors Pakistan, In which Real Estate representatives from all over Pakistan Real Estate Mr.Musarat Ejaz Khan (Founder of Federation of Realtors Pakistan), Mr. Rizwan Khokhar (Bahria Town), Mr.Furakh Siyal (Bahria Town), Mr.Najib Gul Abbasi (President of  DHA Valley Association), Mr.Nasir Javed Lahore Federation of Realtors , Mr. Abubakar Bhatti (Presidency of DHA Lahore), Mr. Imtiaz (Secretary of Defense, Karachi), Mr.Tahir Masood (Chairman of the Lahore Federation of Realtors Pakistan), Mr.Nasir Javaid (Lahore Federation of Realtors Pakistan).

According to their view and also the view of Pakistan people were discussed on the budget 2019-2020 issues, under the leadership of Mr.Musarat Ejaz Khan. The present government machinery at this time is in pressure on the real estate business the idea was quite discussed which emphasized that such strategy should be done by which the business can be handled and all the people also presented their own suggestions on this issue.

In our point of view, it is the time that all the business activities must be registered and the documented economy is very critical for country and government is also working on this task also.

The ground also bring this in to discussion that real estate owner cannot see the nation down in each respect either it is economical or social and the government should review its policies .The government should take the real estate ground in to confidence and  remove the all disappointment situation which is prevailing in the nation now a days. The government should work hard to support the real estate business which is mostly supporting lower class people who works in the business generating sector.

The rest we as a respectable citizen of Pakistan  and being a business lines request the government to make proper policies and should be implement  to own the rights of real estate business people so that that we support our nation and make the country more prospers.

Published On:- 24-06-2019
Published By sajid