About Us

Advice associates is the only Estate Agency in bahria town, which provides you all the details of projects of bahria town, online. All information’s are updated on daily basis, which includes plots no, prices and location of plots. That is why not only local, overseas Pakistani’s also get benefit by this online facility. They visit our website and they are well informed about all projects of bahria town by this facility.

  1. Assistance in matters of purchase/sale
  2. Marketing of housing societies
  3. Investment solutions in real estate sector
  4. Construction

Company Owners


Habib Elahi


 Email: info@advice.pk

  Mobile: 03015454249

WhatsApp: 03015454249

 Phone: 051-5179664


Muhammad Abdullah


 Email: abdullahm90@gmail.com

  Mobile: 03217673867

WhatsApp: 03217673867

 Phone: 051-5179664

Company Agents

Muhammad Kamran Rana

Manager Bahria Town Phase 1 to 7

 Email: kamran.advice.rk@gmail.com

  Mobile: 03215454249

WhatsApp: 03215454249

 Phone: 051-5179664

Muhammad Awais

Sales Executive Bahria Phase 8

 Email: awais.advice@gmail.com

  Mobile: 03345454247

WhatsApp: 03345454247

 Phone: 051-5179664

Waqas Nawaz

Sales Executive Safari Valley Bahria Green

 Email: waqas_nawazpak@yahoo.com

  Mobile: 03325454249

WhatsApp: 03325454249

 Phone: 051-5179664

Dilawar Javed

Sales Executive Bahria Orchard

 Email: Dilawargujjar007@gmail.com

  Mobile: 03245454247

WhatsApp: 03245454247

 Phone: 051-5179664

Adnan Tariq

Sales Officer Commercial Project

 Email: advicepak@gmail.com

  Mobile: 03225454249

WhatsApp: 03225454249

 Phone: 051-5179664

Qasim Abbas

Sales Officer Bahria Homes

 Email: qasim6310@gmail.com

  Mobile: 03365454214

WhatsApp: 03365454214

 Phone: 051-5179664

Asad Abbas

Property Consultant & manager chat room

 Email: shasadabbas@gmail.com

  Mobile: 03315454661

WhatsApp: 03315454661

 Phone: 051-5179664

Salman Mir

Sales Executive Phase 8

 Email: salmanmir143@gmail.com

  Mobile: 03315454663

WhatsApp: 03315454663

 Phone: 051-5179664

Syed Rizwan

Sales Executive Phase-8 Extension

 Email: shah.gee5121418@gmail.com

  Mobile: 03315454662

WhatsApp: 03315454662

 Phone: 051-5179664

Fatima Tariq

Sales Executive Phase-8 Extension

 Email: T.Fatimaadvice123@gmail.com

  Mobile: 03315454669

WhatsApp: 03315454669

 Phone: 051-5179664

Waseem Rana

Branch head Multi Gardens B-17

 Email: mpchshousing@gmail.com

  Mobile: 03008656727

WhatsApp: 03008656727

 Phone: 051-5179664

Mian Muhammad Zubair

Sales Officer Bahria Enclave

 Email: zubair.advice22@gmail.com

  Mobile: 03330666676

WhatsApp: 03330666676

 Phone: 051 5402162

Muhammad Liaqat

Sales Representative Bahria Enclave

 Email: Liaqatadvice@gmail.com

  Mobile: 03355454249

WhatsApp: 03355454249

 Phone: 051-5179664

Mian Waleed

Gulberg Sale Executive

 Email: mian.waleed9900@gmail.com

  Mobile: 03315454248

WhatsApp: 03315454248

 Phone: 051-5179664

Tariq Abbas Sheikh

Consultant sales manger

 Email: captanbhi@gmail.com

  Mobile: 03315454670

WhatsApp: 03315454670

 Phone: 051-5179664

Roudaba Khan

Sales Executive Gulberg Islamabad

 Email: khanroudaba@gmail.com

  Mobile: 03315454665

WhatsApp: 03315454665

 Phone: 051-5179664

Ch Nadeem

Sales Officer Gulberg Islamabad

 Email: bahriatowns@gmail.com

  Mobile: 03355366117

WhatsApp: 03355366117

 Phone: 051-5179664


Mian Muhammad Shahzad

Branch Head Faisalabad

 Email: dcipak@gmail.com

  Mobile: 03245454249

WhatsApp: 03245454249

 Phone: 051-5179664

Muhammad Akbar

Sales Officer FDA City

 Email: fdacity@yahoo.com

  Mobile: 03007931879

WhatsApp: 03007931879

 Phone: 051-5179664


IT Manager

 Email: mian.hammad1222@gmail.com

  Mobile: 03315454667

WhatsApp: 03315454667

 Phone: 051-5179664