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Construction Cost of Five Marla House in 2020

Building a 5 marla house requires smart planning. You need to hire a reliable team of labourers, choose the right construction materials, work on the design and layout of the house and plan your finances accordingly. For your convenience, we have brought a complete breakdown of the construction cost of a 5 marla house. So, without further ado, let us take a look at the thorough analysis of the budget for a 5 marla house in 2020.   CONSTRUCTION COST OF A 5 MARLA HOUSE IN 2020 If you’re wondering how much money goes into the construction of a 5 marla house in 2020, then continue to read this piece. COVERED AREA The covered area for a double-story 5 marla house is 1,925 sq. ft. The first floor and the second floor each have a covered area of 875 per sq.ft. There are two kitchens, three bedrooms with attached bathrooms and a mumtee. Tiles are used as the flooring of the house and marble is used on the stairs and on kitchen shelves only. Let us divide the construction cost of a 5 marla house into two parts: Building the grey structure Finishing of the house To lay the foundation of a 5 marla house, you need to first construct the grey structure. To lay the foundation of a 5 marla house, you need to first construct the grey structure. Expenses to be Spent on Grey Structure of 5 Marla House   To lay the foundation of a 5 marla house, you need to first construct the grey structure. To buil major construction materials needed are bricks, cement, kassu, rebar, sand, bajri, safety grills. Electricaln wiring, plumbing and the installation of the main gate are also included in the grey structure costs. In the infographic shared above, we have outlined the quantity of the construction materials needed to build the grey structure along with the costs incurred in laying the foundation. Expenses to be Spent on Finishing of 5 Marla House As shown in the detailed infographic above, there are many construction jobs involved in the finishing of a 5 marla house. Please note the sub-totals for different categories have been highlighted in the infographic. You can find the details of these figures under different headings below.


Lotus Lake Inaugurated By CDA

As Albert Einstein says:                                         "Look deep into Nature and you will Understand Everything Better" Allah Almighty has blessed Pakistan with lots of natural views. The need is only to observe and admire these creations. CDA has inaugurated Lotus Lake at the National Park Hills area of Shakarparian Ground Islamabad.  Background: Lotus Lake is a man-made creation since 1970 but it was closed in 2006. This artificially created lake is used as a small pool which was later closed for construction and repair. Beautiful Trees had grown beside the lake while the precious lotus Flowers were blooming on the surface of the clean lake water. Now CDA (Capital Development Authority) inaugurated a “National Family Park” beside this lake in the last 11 years. National Family Park: This Park is purely designed with natural objects like wood or stones. In this park, benches which are used for sitting are made up of wood and stones. Management is always trying to decorate the park without damaging the nearby natural objects. Saplings and grass are grown here to maintain the natural beauty of the Park. Recreational Activities: There are various activities to look forward to including a safari area to enjoy with animals, swings for kids, a playground, hunting, boating, and also a restaurant with a variety of delicious foods. Lotus Lake with the linked national park is one of the most enjoyable places to visit with family. Tourists Attraction: CDA Chairperson Amir Ali Ahmed and other CDA officials inaugurated the new park on Sunday. The vision behind this inauguration is to enhance the tourist attraction in Pakistan. Travel and tourism have deep effects on the economic condition of any growing country. So Prime Minister of Pakistan (Imran Khan) has been decided to grow this sector. Restrictions: Only Families are allowed to enter.    


Top 10 Investment Opportunities in Pakistan

“Start Your Investment Journey Now” Be ready to invest because Pakistan is a developing country that offers plenty of investment opportunities. Only we have to discover those wisely. Some simple yet so effective ideas I had to enlist they're after complete research. I hope by acting upon these you will get the best returns on a small investment. If you have questions like “why we should invest in real estate”, and the answers to “better investment opportunities in Pakistan” and “real estate market trends in Pakistan” then this article is for you. List of Investment Opportunities in Pakistan Real Estate Investment Invest in Food Chains Invest in Marriage Halls Stocks Investment Invest in Banks Invest in Bonds Savings Accounts Trade-in Currencies Invest in Gold Investing in Yourself Now we will describe all of the above options in detail with facts: Real Estate Investment Real Estate is considered a safe, sound, and secure investment opportunity. People like to invest in real estate as it is mostly practiced in Pakistan. By investing in real estate investor can get profit in two ways: (1) Property Prices Increase over time (2) Rental Income However, some real estate developers offer their projects an easy installment plan. This is good news for those who can’t afford a large investment at once. Invest in Food Chains: Nowadays food chains are becoming the popular option for investment because the importance of fast food can’t be neglected. If you have a brand name then it’s easier to promote it. It is the best investment option for native investors. Invest in Marriage Halls As you know marriage is a reality of everyone’s life or we can say is a duty by Allah Almighty which everyone has to fulfill. But in this modern era mostly families prefer to book a marriage hall due to plenty of reasons. It is an investment that has no decline because nowadays these halls are also used to assemble gatherings on different occasion’s rest of the year like, mahafils, Brand Awareness Seminars, Schools' annual functions, for engagement, etc. Stock’s Investment: Stock Exchange is also considered very beneficial in order to become a millionaire over a night. But the private investors don’t know enough about this type of investment. If you don’t have enough knowledge then hiring a broker is the best way to get the best return from this investment option. However, this can be risky for your precious efforts. As the changes occurred that if you don’t select the right bid option then your investment can be lost over a night. So choose wisely. Invest in Banks: If you want to have a small investment option then banks are a great option for you. Go to Bank, Open a saving account then every month deposit you’re saving in it. Banks usually offer 10-12% annual returns. This is a small but safe investment option in Pakistan. Invest in Bonds If you imagine you are a lucky person then you should try this investment opportunity in Pakistan. It totally depends on your luck to become a millionaire over a night. Purchase a bond, and then regularly check for the prize. Almost if you purchase a bond for 100Rs then its worth could be 1 lakh or more. And this one is the safest investment as you can use your prize bonds as an alternative to cash if you don’t win as well. Trade-in Currencies: Trade-in Currencies, you can exchange your saving in dollars, riyals, etc. Then save them at your home or bank till its prices increased. When you observe improvement in their market rates sell them to get the best returns from your investment. But you would save your dollars in the bank then they might charge you some interest. The best way of trade in currencies is to save them at your home. But it can be risky. Invest in Gold: In the old days, women have collected gold as their hobby. At that time no one knows that this hobby will become an investment in the coming future as the prices of gold are skyrocketing. There is a huge difference between the prices of gold from last year as the price of gold is 68000Rs last year but nowadays its price is 93,400Rs. Invest in gold biscuits, silver, and diamonds because of the differences in front of you. Investing in Yourself: In our busy lifestyle, we have not enough time to pay attention to our skills. But Allah Almighty has blessed everyone with different skills that can be utilized by an individual as an investment opportunity. Discover your skill, try to improve it then receive considerable returns in no time. If you are a good baker then introduce yourself on different social media platforms. The unlimited platform is available to introduce your skills only the need to discover them in the right manner.


State Bank Low income House Loan Scheme

Congratulations to all those people who are homeless in Pakistan. Almost 200 million people are living in Pakistan out of which 35% are lies beneath the poverty line. And Almost 20 million people don’t afford their homes. Lack of Affordability is the main reason which deprives the low-income strata of the population to meet their housing needs which is the greatest challenge for society nowadays. To meet all these challenges State Bank of Pakistan has introduced the “financing facility for low-cost housing”.  Silent Features of the scheme are as under: Loan Amount: Up to 2.7 million Rs are allowed to offer as a loan for the applicant whom he will pay in monthly installments. This will be the very best opportunity for all of those who want to get rid of their rental expenditures. It will finance those who are buying homes in the “Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme”. Loan Tenor: The applicant could avail of this loan minimum for 5 years and maximum for 20 years                                   Requirements for Applicants: There are two things required to apply for this loan.   Evidence of Less Salary( Minimum 25000) ID Card First Time Home Buyer Markup Subsidy Rates: Markup Subsidy is divided into three phases: Phase I:  In the first phase financing will also be offered to those who are buying their home in the “Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme”. In this phase first 5 years flat 5% Markup, the Next five years 7%, and after 10 years CYBER + 2% markup will be charged to the applicant by the SBP. Phase II: In this phase Applicant will be allowed to purchase 5 Marla House, 5 Marla Plot for Construction OR any extension to his/her old house. In this phase first 5 years flat 5% Markup, the Next five years 7%, and after 10 years CYBER + 2% markup will be charged to the applicant by the SBP. Phase III: In this phase, the applicant can purchase 10 Marla House. In this Phase, Markup charges will be different from the previous two phases. In this phase first 5 years flat 7% Markup, the Next five years 9%, and after 10 years CYBER + 4% markup will be charged to the applicant by the SBP. Concerns about Interest: People have concerns about loans from banks they considered it immoral to pay any charges as interest. But State Bank of Pakistan stated that this is purely designed in the Islamic way. These charges will be considered as the rental expenses of your home. So be worried and become a part of this low-income house loan scheme without wasting your time. Vision: No Pakistani is homeless anymore is the vision behind this step by the State Bank of Pakistan which will be applicable to all Banks. First time home buyer or Lower-income class is targeted in this procedure. Impact on Pakistan’s Economy: It will have positive impacts on all sectors related to the construction industry like cement, steel, etc. This low-income house loan will provide employment to the working class.    


Capital Smart City Overseas Prime-block

Capital Smart City is the Pakistan’s well known Housing project that is famous due to their smart and interesting features. Capital Smart City initiates the “Overseas Prime Block” a new function built smart society designed and deliberated by Surbana Jurong.  Location: The Capital Smart City Overseas Prime block is situated at the top point of the smart enchanted society place; this is full of the amazing features and makes their place in the real estate market in very short span. The Overseas prime block enjoys the enthusiastic entrance form the main Chakri Road. Residential Areas: There are different sizes of the residential plots are available in this futuristic housing project with a lot of amenities and unique prices due to their prime location. The details and sizes of the plots with prices are discussed below for your convenience let’s look it: 7 Marla (175 Sq.Yd) residential plot is available at the reliable amount as 3,475,000. This is present on the easy installment plan by giving the down payment you can buy it on 42 monthly installments.  10 Marla (250 Sq.Yd) residential plot is accessible on the 4,565,000 and as well as on the easy installments. 12 Marla (300 Sq.Yd) residential plot is at the rate of 5,050,000 at the ideal location of this unique society. 1 Kanal (500 Sq.Yd) and 2 Kanal (1000 Sq.Yd) residential plots are easy to get by paying 6,845,000 and 13,440,000 respectively. Above mentioned details and their payments are flexible and elastic by seeing the location, facilities and surroundings. General terms: Some general terms and conditions are given below that needs your attention: let’s start Above mentioned payments of various sizes of the residential plots are subject to modify and adjust without any notice. Installments are mandatory to be deposited by 1st of each payment month. The prices are exclusive of any government dues and taxes. Unique Features: As unique the name of this society their features are also distinctive and admirable. Features and environment make any location worth for living. Some features of the Capital Smart City Overseas Prime block are given below for understanding the smartness and beauty of this society: Water front and greenery view of the property is really charming The land mark buildings The mountain range Eco friendly city Day/night advanced system of security Peaceful and green environment Underground provision of the electricity and gas Water filtration plants Latest and smart housing Overseas block Golf course Recreational and amusement activities Lakes, rivers and mosques etc Conclusion: Capital Smart City Overseas Prime block is the wonderful project which catches attention of the property buyers but also the overseas clients who wants to invest their savings in Pakistan and get the huge benefit in very short span. The infrastructure, development, top class, amenities, god gifted natural beauty collectively make this society’s unique and special. For further detailed information’s you can visit our main site enjoy the give us the chance to serve you! Have a nice experience!               


Pakistan Real Estate After the COVID 19

  Good news for all of investment or Pakistan Real Estate Lovers is that the situation after passing out the very difficult time due to Covid-19 is going to be vanished. As we all know the lockdown is finished and all the businesses run again so this is the time for your investment because it prospects that a high rise can be seen in near future in real estate sector   Mostly Damaged Sectors: In all over the world every person linked to every field like business, real estate etc affected in one or another way by the Lock down situation, a prevalent that went out of hand for the developed countries is actually fearful to the developing countries besides with all the skepticism that comes with it. The Situation comes the humanity to that point, the Lock Down kills and damages the economy at the large scale and non lock down situation might against the protection and safety of human beings. In order to compensate with this situation it is very necessary to protect the both the health as well as the economy so the time table is organized to safe from the draster affect.   In the present, due to COVID 19 the lock down situation in all over the world damages the economy like education sector, business, and transportation as well but gradually this seems that the strictness of the lockdown is vanished slowly. The world is busy to find the treatment or vaccine of this deadly disease and make over the damages of this soon. Yes after this, positive impact is noticed on the economy especially as the Real Estate Pakistan. The investors which have funds and wants to invest but they feared about the uncertainty of the Real Estate due to present situations but not need to worry!. You can invest your funds or amounts in any real estate sector and get your desired profit. Then you have no time to delay because the rates of the properties will increase! The Best Investment Opportunity after the Lock Down: Real Estate sector is the best option to secure money and get the huge returns without any illegal profit. Are you searching for the best land properties in Pakistan? Is it in depth facts and details about the development of the property in projects that you require in Pakistan? Is your Next plan of investment is fully engrossed on the Real Estate sector of Pakistan? If your answer is in affirmative then you are at the exact place. is Pakistan's best and famous one stop shop for all your property investment, housing and real estate requirements. Moreover, if you have the desire to sell, buy, invest or rent in the Real Estate sector then our experienced staff will  give you with the most sincere, competent and authentic advice. Our proverb is very simple, “Always be sincere, keep patrons or clients happy and give quality assistance as the first and foremost priority is the trust and belief of the clients".  The Chance to get A lot: Our website serves as a cooperative and united platform bringing sellers, buyers, agents and investors from all over the country united so that all your requirements of Real Estate sector are serve underr one platform. If you want to know about the business or career is best for you to invest your financial amount then I have an advice that the Real Estate is the Pakistan's best unit, fair sector where anyone can save money by investing and get the massive outcomes in returns. You never want to know about the entire knowledge but you also know about the main facts and points before investing your finances. Key Points: Some are given for your easiness:   The property which you select is legally registered or not is the main concern which need your attention The returns is protected from the illegal interest The location of the society in which you want to buy the property on investment plan is also the main issue because the worth and value is totally based on the location. Time to take a desicion: Your idea of going for properties, no confusion is going to be a brilliant one; however it will based on the experienced and skillful property agents team and advisors that are in back in this hunt. Now this is the time to take a decision because in far ward the prices of the properties may go very high and you thought this time to regret! Insha Allah You will have the great experience and thanks for read it!


Blue World City Brand Ambassador Engin Altan Duzyatan ( Ertugrul Bey)

I have good news for the fans of the Engin Altan Duzyatan who plays the role of Ertugrul Ghazi and become popular in this world. Now he is famous due to their superb and mind blowing character. He has gained the huge popularity worldwide for portraying the character of Ertugrul Ghazi as a principal of Islam. A lot of people in Pakistan want to meet the Ertugrul Ghazi so there is nice time to fulfill this desire. Engin Altan Duzyatan becomes the brand ambassador of the most famous housing society, Blue World City in Islamabad. The hero of Turkish star wants to come in Pakistan and inaugurate the Mosque. There is no suspicion that every Pakistani is anxiously waiting to welcome him warmly and affectionately. Fans of Drilis Ertugrul, brace because He himself wants to come to Pakistan Soon! Top Turkish star of the Epics of history that has fascinated and mesmerized Pakistanis for months, Engin Altan might be visiting the Islamic Republic Of Pakistan this month, a motherland contributing the enthusiastically and absolutely towards his top class success. He contracted to the Owner Saad Nazir of Blue World City Islamabad and agreed as the Brand Ambassador for a housing project of BWC in the Capital of Pakistan, Engin Altan will also be launch the Replica Turkish Blue Mosque. The reality of blue mosque is that it is built by the Sultan Ahmad and it is known in the history as Blue Mosque or Sultan Ahmad Mosque. It is so beautiful and takes 7 years to build during the rule of Sultan Ahmad. It attracts a lot of visitors and tourists towards their attention grabbing and dazzling interior decoration of walls with blue tiles with blue lights at hours of darkness. The accurate date of his arrival and ceremonial is unidentified. Let’s wish that it will be the victorious and remarkable tour!  


Rawal Farm House Islamabad Simly Dam

Do you want or desire for your habitation at such a place the attractiveness and charm of the hills, the expected beauty and the greenery of the surroundings which present a message of tranquility and comfort. At the moment this is the time to realize your ideas and dreams. Rawal Farm Houses Simly Dam which is situated in Islamabad (which is the most peaceful and serene city of Pakistan) is the amazing location for habitation so join us without wasting your time and buy large size plots in the low budget plan. After buying the property then it’s entirely up to you to make a farm house or home there. Location: Rawal farm Houses Islamabad Simly Dam is situated on a prime location at karore Road just a little away from the city pollution and noise. These serene Farms are connected to signal free expressway just within 35 minutes drive. An Attractive Offer: An attractive offer by the management of Rawal Farms is that “there will be no development charges “for 1st 50 Farms only. This is not the end of the story, But another proud offer from him is that “actual price 4 millions 0.5 million rupees discount for 1st 50 farms only”. The choice is only yours but by accepting this wonderful offer you can become an owner of a huge farm house in the budget of a smaller one. Rawal Farm Houses Islamabad Simly Dam offers you to feel the nature. Just like a place which before this valley you can imagine or see in Fairy Tale stories. Features Not only the beauty of this location attracts the attention of the buyers but also the amenities of international standard catch the eyes of the tourists and dwellers and compel them to create the locale there. Pakistan’s best rescue and security system, education centers with highly qualified teachers, hospitals with trained and experienced staff of doctors and 24 hours active ambulance service, mosques, libraries, fitness centers and spa, shopping malls, mega stores, restaurants for outing, parks, for amusement swimming pools are found, play gardens, greenery places etc are all enhanced the charm of this location where the farm houses are found. What They Present: Rawal Farm Houses Islamabad is a project by Rawal Enclave. They offer 4 Kanal Farm Houses for Sale on an easy installment plan under 1050000Rs Down payment. The total price of these farm houses is about 40,00000Rs. Why We Should Prefer? Farm houses are always the first and foremost preference for dwelling for all of those who like scenery and like to live linked to the world of natural beauty. Farm house is the site which gives you all the luxuries of life encircled by natural views and enchanted scenes. You can decorate your farm house on your own choice. Nowadays the human life is seem to full of responsibilities and he spends all the precious moments of life in the world weariness, he has no time for himself. In that case if his habitation is located at such location he will be capable to spend his spare time in the shade of nature. Nature, like a man sometime weeps for gladness. Investment Prospect: You can easily purchase Rawal farm houses Islamabad Simly Dam on 6 half yearly installment plan which gives you the wonderful profit in proceeds. Now it is time to take a decision without any hesitation you can select our society. But I tell you to take advice from the dealer hope so the dealers will guide you best and be careful from the frauds. I hope you will visit these Farm Houses and invest there after analysis of this Valley. Good luck!        


Smart city project

Smart city ownership:-   The smart city is owned by two well-known companies of Pakistan Habib Rafiq ltd and future holding development.  Future holding development is one of the renowned real estate and assets Development Company. They are working in this feel for providing their client with a sleek luxurious lifestyle. It is also registered as company ordinance 1984. This company is formed from the combination of 3 other companies Engineering Dimensions (Pvt.) Limited, China Liaoning International Economic and Technical Cooperation Group Limited. They are the leading companies that do their work with full expertise.    Habib Rafiq Limited is one of the leading construction companies. They are working in this field for 50 years. Their biggest achievement is dedicated to their work and clients. Their expertise is in the field of chemical and petrochemical, aviation, energy and power projects, building, housing societies, etc. They hold such a position because of their work with DHA and Bahria. The features included in their work are from planning until the infrastructure. Working with the HRL is considered the lucky charm for other real estate companies.    Smart city Islamabad:-   It is situated in Rawalpindi and covers an area of about 55,000 Kanal. It is located near the new international airport Islamabad and 9.2 km away from Thalian interchange. It is one of the biggest and smartest projects in its vicinity and will be going to increase in area in the next few years. It is easily accessible from areas like Chakri road and M2 motorway and its path is craved by ring road in the future.   Its NOC is approved by RDA and later and published at the site of RDA in September 2019. It is ranked on 45 numbers on the website of RDA, hence is authorized housing society.  Capital smart city Lahore:-  After the extreme progress of the capital smart city Islamabad they started it in Lahore as well. It's the second project in the smart city in Pakistan. It is designed in the infrastructure of international standards. Lahore smart city provides the best infrastructure that has an ecofriendly environment and facilities to its best for serving their clients. It is located in an area of 20000 Kanals. Lahore is one of the heavily populated areas of Pakistan so urbanization with a good environment is the best choice.  The location of any society plays a vital role in any society's property sale. This society is linked with the important roads of Lahore like Lahore bypass road, GT road, and Lahore - Islamabad motorway (M2). As the discussion of investors, they thought it become a society such as Bharia town. Its map is not officially uploaded but is gone to Lahore development for registration.   Lahore smart cities comprise of two blocks executive block and overseas block. The plots in the overseas block are of 5 Marla, 10 Marla, and 1 Kanal. In its prelaunch, the price of the 5 Marla plot is said to be 1.8 million.  April 1st smart city Lahore Installment Plan:-    The plots are on easy installments that are 10% of down payment, confirmation payment, and quarterly installments. The prices for executive block residential are Rs.1, 800,000 for 5 Marla, Rs.3, 300,000 for 10 Marla, Rs.5, 400,000 for 20 Marla.   Now for overseas block the prices are Rs.1, 900,000 for 5 Marla, Rs.3, 400,000 for 10 Marla, Rs.5, 500,000 for 20 Marla.  These prices are of their prelaunch and will be revised soon. It consists of 3.5 years of installment plan and these prices don't include any development charges.    


Bahria Town a Secure Investment

BAHRIA TOWN A SECURE INVESTMENT   A LOOK TOWARDS BAHRIA TOWN:- A person known as mentors for now a days in real state Mr. Malik Raiz is the owner of bahria town. He laid the foundation of bahria town on 14-january-1997 on zone 5 Islamabad. He started his work from a small company and expanded his work to this much big level. Bahria town is privately owned property company. The gated town communities they own are in Islamabad, Lahore, Rawalpindi, Nawabshah and Karachi. Except that gated town community they have super market name as Green valley hypermarket.They own some tremendous malls such as Mall of Lahore and Mall of Islamabad (under construction).Also they own a chain of cinema’s named as Cine Gold.A project of education system known as ACE academy is also owned by them. Seek for luxurious lifestyle:- Bahria town is one of the finest housing society system in Pakistan which gives their client the top of their priority. Bahria town give a little high charm to your life if you invest in it. They provide a variety of things under one roof. Bahria town facilities include a well-planned structure approval before making any house on your plot, Secondly they have their own electricity supply, their own water supply system,golf clubs, Spa’s, Arena’s, Cricket stadium, School systems, Adventure land, dancing fountain, Parks and zoo’s, riding club and many more. Some of their tremendous projects are displayed below:- Figure 1:- CINE GOLD PLEX KARACHI, BAHRIA TOWN Figure 2:- Dan zoo, bahria town Karachi Figure 3:- Rafi stadium bahria town PROJECTS OF BAHRIA TOWN:-   BAHRIA TOWN KARACHI:- Bahria town Karachi is one of the bestsociety build on the architecture of Rome. This project include many of the great wonder of Bahria town. The project inside it are Bahria greens Karachi that was thought to be made for the families having less income. M9 underpass is again on of the first fully funded project ever done by any real estate company. There central park project is one of the finest made projects on the idea of central park New York is high apartments with a view of 32 acre central park. Midway commercial is one of the great opportunity for many business holds in the vicinity of bahria town. Clifton Flyover is one of the public infrastructure by bahria town of worth Rs.1.8 billion investment spread over area of 2 kilometers is one of the greatest solution for heavy traffic of Karachi. Bahria farmhouse, Jinnah Avenue commercial, Hoshang pearl, Opal225, Bahria town tower, Bahria town icon, bahria paradise, bahria sport city, bahria golf city Karachi, bahria heights, bahria homes and bahria apartments. Bahria town Karachi is one of the best long time investment for great profit as prices are increasing day by day. Increase of prices are seen below:- Figure 4: graph showing increase in property prices of bahria town Karachi BAHRIA TOWN ISLAMABAD:- It is one of the project for elite class or upper class. It includes bahria enclave is one of the great view location from your homes to Margalla hills view. Bahria golf city is one of the Pakistan’s first brand golf resorts. Its vicinity gives you a view of Murree hills with a great location in Islamabad.  Bahria garden city contains a great interest for golfers. It’s a gated community with sleek and elegant architecture. BAHRIA TOWN RAWALPINDI:- It is located on the grand trunk road of Pakistan. The projects includes Safari villas, Meadows, Phase 8 and phase 8 extension, Bahria homes, Bahria phase 1-7, Awami villas , Bahria heights, Executive lodges, Overseas enclave , Safari apartments, Safari valley, Safari malls, Civic center, river view commercial. Comeback of bahria town rise again after 2019 end is shown below:- BAHRIA TOWN LAHORE:- It is also known as jewel of bahria town. The project it includes are Bahria orchard, Sector A & B, Sector C & D, Sector E & F, Safari villas, Bahria Oasis, Ahram-e-misr based on the architecture of Misr civilization, Executive lodge, Canal view residencia,  Bahria nasheman, Al-rehmat project and bahria educational and medical city. Some of its tremendous projects:- Have world’s 3rd largest and Pakistan’s largest masjid. Bahria town icon is Pakistan’s tallest building. Advanced cricket stadium. Pakistan 1st international theme park. 36 holes PGA standard golf courts. First Hyatt branded hotels in Pakistan. More than 50,000 employees. First call center service provided by any real estate firm.     So just come and secure your money for more profit with good standards. Hope so it’s the best and secure investment in real estate which lead you a way to you dream home destination.  


PM Imran Khan Announced Construction Sector Relief Package

The prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan made some major announcements for real estate sector. Since the start of the World deadliest pandemic Covid-19 Almost all spectrum of life has been affected one way or the other, A pandemic that went out of hand for the developed nation is really frightening to the developing nation along with all the uncertainty that comes with it. Developing countries already struggling with crumbling economy and a huge debt left for them to pay, with businesses closed down due to a forced lock down as a measure to curb the spread of the deadly virus.  Developing Nation are making sure they are making the right decisions during this pandemic. A total lockdown might kill off the economy and a non-lock down might kill its people, very hard choice for countries to make, and it is very crucial that countries are decisive at the moments. Late this week the prime minister Imran Khan decided to give some relaxation to the construction industry amidst this corona virus lock down, As the construction and real estate industry plays a vital role in Pakistan’s economy, and their inactivity would result in a huge loss. Industry Status has been given to the Construction Sector The following updates has then been further announced Withholding tax on construction materials is to be waived off, excluding cement and iron There would no longer be unnecessary inquiries about source of income for those investing in the construction sector Tax rates would now be fixed for, as they would be charged per square foot or square yard Capital gain tax on properties would no longer be charged A subsidy of 30 billion rupees would be paid to the Naya Pakistan housing scheme for the poor A construction industry development board is to be established While trying to fight the pandemic as much as possible Imran khan is technically trying to keep a balance in the country’s economy my allowing operations ongoing for the construction industry, which is the second largest sector In the country. The Corona Virus having its take on Pakistan Not just businesses almost everything has been shut down, ranging from educational institutions to marriage halls and restaurants. Many ration drive with t intention of providing foods to the needy has been initiated by various individuals and NGOs which has been almost the only option for these poor workers to keep them home when they cannot work to earn daily livelihood. The generosity of Pakistanis have always come handy in times of crises like this, but this one crises would need not only a giving hand but a sustainable giving hands, as it has now become a factor of making sure you able to feed same bellies every day. The country cannot affords a wide breakout of the deadly virus but cannot afford to starve its people. While the world is busy looking for the right formula of vaccines for Corona, developing countries like Pakistan are doing their best within their capacity to curtail the virus as well has the hunger of its population    


New Blue Area Commercial City Islamabad approved by PM

New Blue Area Commercial City Islamabad is approved by Prime Minister Imran Khan within the limits of federal capital Islamabad. In front of F-9 Park in capital city the government has allocated 170 canal piece of land for this mega project. This project will offer jobs and will also attract investments from International Pakistanis said by the Prime Minister of Pakistan. The government will be able to make first revenue of more than Rs 30 billion from this international standard mega project. Revenue gained by this project will be utilized on the society that is initially announced by the PM. Yes I am talking about Naya Pakistan Housing Project that will provide shelter to poor and low income groups aimed at building low cost. This project will not only promote the construction sector but also help to generate employment in federal capital. This project will expedite commercial activities in Pakistan. Within the city the commercial space would be doubled by this project. The open auction of the land has been scheduled from April 14-16 briefed by the Prime Minister who visited the proposed site. The existing commercial area is the most crowded market of Islamabad where businesses are exploiting earlier but due to the increase in population of Islamabad. Need arises for the development of new commercial area to adjust new business opportunities in central Islamabad. The exact location of New Blue Area has not recently been introduced by CDA. But we proposed that it would be planned right opposite to F-9 Park Islamabad. Reason behind the supposition of this location is that existing Blue Area is located along G-6, G-7, F-7 and F-6. We can notice many empty spaces on both sides of the roads while travelling along F-8 and F-9. There are some commercial plazas being constructed here already. There are total 26 commercial plots for sales are available in this New Blue Area commercial project. The sale will be held in April 2020 and CDA is hoping to generate about 30 billion Rs by this mega project. About 5% revenue will be utilized on development and provision of facilities in this commercial area. New blue area is the prime location of Islamabad and has and has an enormous commercial value. Many commercial high rise projects will start after the auction of these commercial plots by CDA. In terms of upcoming investments this is an important development by CDA. Like this other mega projects will also launch in Lahore and Karachi soon. Specific instructions are given to preserve trees as the construction begins. In the history of Islamabad this is the first time when the government has introduced a commercial zone.