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Buying and selling a property can be frustrating at times, especially if you are doing it for the first time. There are many factors that affect the value of an asset. In one of our previous blogs, we shared some great tips for first-time real estate agents but in this section, we’ll discuss how you can best assemble your home to sell it.   HOW TO MEASURE PRICE OF YOUR HOME TO SELL   From job relocation to a noisy neighborhood to immigration- there are many reasons why people change their homes. Sometimes, changing homes may require you to sell your property and that process can be difficult. Please remember that there is no clear timeline for selling a house. It can take longer than expected because, at the end of the day, you want the best price for your property. While there are a few things you can do if your house is not for sale, problems can continue. In that case, the first thing you need to do is check your house price. The longer your home stays in the market, the lower its chances of selling at the price you want. But there are a few things that can help you balance your home so that you can sell it.   Consider recently sold properties with similar attributes Check whether it is a Buyers’ market or Sellers’ market Ask your supervisor Check the water   Now let’s take a closer look at all these points that will help determine the selling price of a home.   CONSIDER THE RECENT GOODS SOLD   Similar or comparable properties are similar in size, shape, attributes and neighborhoods. For example, a 10 m house in DHA Lahore will not have the same price as a 10 marla house on Bahria Town Rawalpindi. One needs to do research on homes that have recently been sold in their area or neighborhood to get a negative view of the asking price and the selling price of similar homes.   The survey will only give you an idea of ??the average price of real estate for sale but you will have to determine the value of your home based on the condition, renovation, demolition and other factors involved in pricing. Make sure the price is not too high from the standard price range and it makes sense to attract buyers. CHECK IF THE MARKET LOVES BUYERS OR SELLERS   You will know that it is the seller's market if there is a shortage of houses or the buyers have the power to buy a house. In this case, retailers have the advantage of asking for a better price because the chances of making a profit are much higher.   In the consumer market, there is a surplus of real estate in the market and the number of buyers is low. It is also possible that there is not enough power for consumers and investors to spend money that could lead to a consumer market.   The price of the house will obviously vary in both cases and the seller should take into account this factor when determining the price.   ASK YOUR REAL ESTATE AGENT   If you are selling a house for the first time, you may not be able to determine the price as accurately as a professional seller can do. It is always best to hire a professional like ADVICE ASSOCIATES to help you sell the house because of their customers and sales experience. The realtor has a better understanding of the market than the average person and knows the current trends, which is why they can raise the right price. Although hiring a specialist will be an additional expense, it will definitely be worth it. CHECK THE WATER   It is always best to ask for a higher price so that there is enough room for conversation. Some sellers keep a low price because they want to sell their house immediately and do not want to negotiate with the buyer. Some may keep the price low to attract more buyers and sell it to the highest bidder.   If you are serious about selling a house, you should put a “sell” sign outside and check the water. Customer feedback is one of the best indicators to check whether you have set the price correctly or not. An unsuitable house can be someone else's dream home and they will be very interested if the price is attractive. These are some essential tips and tricks to sell your house on Right Price.



Buying commercial property in Rawalpindi can be a promising option for those looking to invest in a thriving and profitable housing market for twin cities. Whether you are thinking of buying a commercial property as an investment or relying on buying a store or office space to generate rental income, there are a few aspects of commercial investment in Pakistan that you should consider. This includes studying current market trends, understanding risk, research areas and resources, and most importantly, choosing the right location. So, if you want to buy commercial property in the bustling city near the federal's capital, we have compiled a list of the most popular areas for commercial property in rawalpindi that you may find useful. MOST POPULAR AREAS FOR BUYING COMMERCIAL PROPERTY IN RAWALPINDI Here are the top real estate deals in Rawalpindi, according to data collected from ADVICE ASSOCIATES BAHRIA TOWN RAWALPINDI Known for its state-of-the-art infrastructure and state-of-the-art facilities, Bahria Town Rawalpindi tops the list of most popular shopping malls in Rawalpindi. A well-planned housing plan includes many sections as it is close to GT Road. It is also surrounded by many well-known residential communities such as DHA Phase 3, DHA Valley, and the PWD Housing Society. Currently, DHA Phase 2, CBR Town Phase 2, Pakistan Town, Faisal Avenue, and Islamabad Expressway are also easily accessible from Bahria Town Rawalpindi. Some of the most remarkable features of Bahria Town Rawalpindi that attract the attention of investors and consumers alike include a well-planned, beautiful environment, hourly security, uninterrupted energy supply, high standards of development, and other modern facilities that promise quality and luxury living experience. The project also has large mosques, prestigious educational institutions, fully equipped medical centers, shopping and market areas, restaurants and cafes, parks and playgrounds, a community center, and various recreational areas. When it comes to buying commercial property, Bahria Town Phase 8, Bahria Town Phase 7, and Bahria Town Phase 4 are seen as the most sought-after areas in the expansion plan. Since some sections of the project are not as crowded as others, you can easily find shops, office spaces, and retail sites for sale in Bahria Town Rawalpindi that fit your budget and your requirement. CHAKRI ROAD RAWALPINDI Another popular business investment area in Rawalpindi is Chakri Road, which connects the Chakri district with Army Airbase and serves as an important rural and urban travel route in the region. There are a number of well-organized settlements and trade routes along Chakri Road that have seen a significant increase in the value of their property following the approval of the Rawalpindi Ring Road Economic Corridor Project - a 64-kilometer mega infrastructure project. The area around the artfully planned road on Chakri Road is in various stages of development, making it a great investment opportunity for those looking to buy property in Rawalpindi. Housing schemes in or near Chakri Road provide all the resources and equipment needed to live a decent life. This includes access to water, electricity and gas as well as appropriate waste management and sanitation systems. Many educational institutions, hospitals, parks and commercial areas are located on Chakri Road. Although the price of the commercial sites on Chakri Road varies greatly from place to place, you can easily find a property that is below your budget and fits all your needs. CAPITAL SMART CITY Promising a unique mix of durability and luxury, Capital Smart City's much-needed housing program is one of the most sought-after Commercial Properties in Rawalpindi. The work of Future Development Holdings is regarded as Pakistan’s first smart city with world-class infrastructure, friendly development, modern housing and trade routes and an environmentally friendly lifestyle. The ideal location of Capital Smart City in Rawalpindi is also one of its major selling points. The housing program is located a short distance from Islamabad International Airport and is easily accessible from the Lahore-Islamabad Motorway. The eastern route of China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) also runs alongside this well-organized community with gates. It is also fair to say that Capital Smart City has been approved by the Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA). Capital Smart City is divided into different residential, commercial, and leisure sectors. The commercial sector includes Finnish Square, Aviation Village, and FDH Buildings. The Commercial Plots for Sale are available in 4 marlas, 6marla, 8marla, and 10 marlas with a simple payment plan. For more information, don't forget to check out our guide which explains all the details you need to know about investing in Capital Smart City. Should you want to learn more about the latest developments and investment opportunities in Rawalpindi please stay tuned to ADVICE ASSOCIATES. You can also talk to highly trained property specialists at the 24/7 Sales Center set up by us at phase 8 Rawalpindi Hub Commercial.


Best Hotels In Naran For Your Family Holidays

Naran in Pakistan province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa is aptly named paradise. Khyber Pakhtunkha is best known for its tourist attractions. One of the largest cities in the Kaghan Valley in the Mansehra region, the city is at an altitude of 7,000 feet [2,409 m], and is surrounded by an abundance of natural beauty. Here you will find freshwater lakes, hiking trails, while local handicrafts offer insight into the eclectic regional culture. It is because of its natural beauty that thousands of tourists visit this area each year. If you are planning your next trip here, there are many Naran hotels to choose from.   But first, let’s think about the route you have to take to enjoy the best road network that goes deep into beautiful valleys. Silk Road crosses Hassan Abdal and Abbottabad district in Mansehra district. Taking the right from the city of Mansehra towards Naran will take you to Battrasi Pine Forest along the Kunhar River and enter Balakot, another beautiful city. From here, you will meet the small villages of Kawai, Paras, and Mahandri. These villages look out of the picture, small houses with a metal roof overlooking the lush green mountains, which are covered with clouds. Your next stop from these villages is the Kaghan Valley, and the largest city here is Naran. Since this is your family holiday, we have selected the top five hotels in Naran to enjoy your stay.   These hotels have been selected from a variety of sources now available in the Naran tourist hotspot. The key features that distinguish these hotels are their proximity to the city center, and the convenience family-friendly services. Sunrise Lodges Swiss Wood Cottages Peridot Naran Pine Top Hotels Naran Hotel One Pine Top Resort Batakundi SUN RISE LODGES II These accommodations are perfect for families looking to have the same home comfort when traveling. With spacious open spaces installed in each room, the accommodations at Sunrise Lodges II allow guests to enjoy the most beautiful surroundings, and offer many amenities that will ensure your peaceful stay. Facilities: Services provided here include: Global clock safety Parking cars dedicated Daily maintenance Bbq locations Room breakfast and room service 24-hour front desk center Board game However, the hotel does not have wifi and pets are also not allowed. Types of Rooms Sunrise Lodges II offers two rooms in Deluxe. These are suitable for two adults and one child. Price range: PKR 5,400 / night Address: Jheel Road, Katha Naran. Swiss Wood Cottages In Swiss Wood Cottages you will find one of the best living quarters. The rooms are comfortable and offer open spaces where you can view the beautiful scenery of the city. Located in the Main Naran Bazaar, there are many opportunities to explore the city and experience the splendor of the city. Apart from this, there are many things you and your family can enjoy. Facilities: Clothing Dedicated bathrooms Heating and cooling facilities Television and DVD player Bed linen Toilets Free wifi Free car parking Types of Rooms Each room comes equipped with one double bed, but you can ask for more sleep from the hotel staff. In addition, each room has a balcony and outdoor furniture where you can get a bird's eye view of the whole city. Price list: Depending on the availability of rooms Address: Large area of ??the city of Naran. PERIDOT NARAN OF ARCADIAN HOTELS & RESORTS Arcadian hotels and resorts are the best way to escape Naran. These snow-covered wooden huts during the winter season are like a beautiful fairy tale town that should be on your wish list. There are a variety of places and sleeping options to choose from. Facilities:   Flames in the evening (Depending on the weather Washing and press service Wireless Internet access Room service from 7 a.m. to midnight Restaurant Services from RSilver Ibex Restaurant Types of Rooms   Typical twin rooms: Two adjoining rooms with no television, and basic furniture Luxury rooms / dual rooms: Each room has a balcony and LCD Television. Deluxe family suits: One large bedroom, one small bedroom, both with king-sized beds, and shared bathroom. LCD TVs and balconies are attached to each room. Family luxury living room: One large bedroom with a king-size bed, a small two-bedroom bedroom, living area, shared bathroom and private balcony. There is one LCD TV everywhere.   Price range: PKR 7,500 / night Address: Not far from the great Bazar Naran. Here you will find easy access to Lake Saif ul Malook and Lulusar Lake. Pine Top Hotels: Pine Top Hotels Naran is a name coined in the hospitality industry in Naran, mainly due to its wide range of resources and facilities. For anyone traveling to the north, the most important thing is to find comfort and Pine Top Hotels offers the best ways to relax with the variety of services they offer. Pine Top Hotels Facilities: The hotel has gardens and hotel rooms with balconies, overlooking the landscape. You will find a quiet place, set within the natural beauty of the valley. Dedicated parking service is available, in addition to the following:   Global clock safety Bbq locations Water sport and fishing Free wifi Restaurant Laundry Service However, please make sure you do not bring your pets with you and if you need more vehicles, you can also request a hotel service. Types of Rooms Here you will find four types of rooms, such as:   Standard Double Room: 1 Double Bed Deluxe Room: 1 double bed Family Room: 1 bed for one person, 1 double bed Villa with two bedrooms: 1 large double bed, 2 separate beds, one living room  Price range: PKR 8,000 / night  Address: Available in Main Bazar Hotel One Naran Hotel One operates many hotels throughout Pakistan, and this one in Naran is no different. With its well-designed rooms, you will find comfort and warmth that are essential for any family stay. Facilities: The facilities here are as follows: Clothing Free bath accessories and slippers Bed linen Television Laundry and ironing facilities The kitchen Free wifi Accommodation In addition, the hotel offers 24-hour security, as well as parking spaces. If you plan to relax just in time for your stay, you can just sit in the viewing area over the beautiful mountains and have a good time. Types of Rooms There are two types of rooms available here: King Deluxe Room: Two-person bed, 2 single beds Executive Suite: 1 double bed Price range: PKR 12,999 / night Address: Main Bypass Road. 1 km from the main city PINE TOP RESORT BATAKUNDI This is probably the only place in this remote area - about 15km - from the great Naran Valley. However, Pine Top Resort Batakundi offers many opportunities to connect with nature. You will find easy access to Lake Saif ul Malook, Lalazar Plateau and Kunhar River. This is a great place for outdoor visitors, and offers the right services for this purpose as well. Facilities: Outdoor fireplace Picnic area Library The garden Paid wifi Paid parking Types of Rooms In these residences, you can rent two types of rooms: Double Room: 1 large bed or two single beds Family Suite: Two bedrooms and living area Price range: PKR 13,500 / night Address: Batakundi, Babusar Road. More than 12 miles from the big city of Naran.                                                                                


Best Projects Offering 5 Marla Residential Plots on Cash in Islamabad

Islamabad real estate have emerged as one of the most lucrative investments over the past decade. Contrary to mountain design and natural beauty, modern architectural designs in Islamabad present a beautiful picture of the city. The city also offers many investment opportunities in a variety of commercial, residential areas. But here, you will find luxury designed apartments overlooking the hills, or farmhouses at the foot of the mountains - this adds to the eclectic atmosphere of the real Islamabad area. However, if you want to invest or want to build an affordable home, you should look at 5 marla sites. Now let’s take a look at an area that offers 5 marla residential plots in Islamabad. Best Projects for Investment in Islamabad The market for 5 marla plots has done surprisingly well, in terms of how trade in this property has increased since 2018. Gulberg Residencia Bahria Enclave Islamabad Park View City B17 Islamabad Bahria Orchard Rawalpindi   Gulberg Residencia: Gulberg Residencia is located 7 km from Islamabad Expressway and 10 km from GT Road. The community is a project of the Intelligence Bureau Employees Cooperative Housing Society and is approved by the Capital Development Authority (CDA).   Although it is a co-operative community, it has received MOUs from IESCO and SNGPL, which means that electricity, and gas connections are already provided to the housing community.   This organized housing community has enough green spaces for residents to have a good time and enjoy the open air and enjoy themselves. Apart from this, the project will have schools, shopping malls and a hospital.   Upgrades are completed in Sectors I, F, D, and V and the availability is also available here. 5 marla plots sizes are only available on Sectors AA1, and AA2 but as this has not yet been developed, acquisition will take approximately 2 to 3 years. However, our sources have indicated that investors are currently keenly interested in these sectors, which in turn are raising prices. Bahria Enclave: Bahria Enclave Islamabad is a work in Bahria Town, a leading name in Pakistan's architecture. It is located about 8 km from Chak Shahzad near Park Road and Kuri Road. As Bahria is known for its unique features and resources and a safe public lifestyle, the project also has green open spaces, a mosque, a hospital, a shopping mall with restaurants and a zoo. In addition to this, the project will also include the Mohammed Mosque with 100-meter-wide roads, underground power connections, and other infrastructure communications.   All development work has been completed on Blocks A, B, E, F, G, H and I, and availability is also available. In all of these areas people have started building their own houses, taking advantage of access to goods and communication.   On the other hand, 5 marla sites are available in B, H, and N sectors, which currently see a wide range of trading activities mainly from investors. If home buyers use this, they will stay in an important place for five to ten years. Park View City: Park View City Islamabad is located on Malot Road, a beautiful hilly area surrounded by the Botanical Garden with beautiful views. This place is perfect for enjoying a beautiful sunset and feeling the first rays of the sun. The main entrance to this community comes from Rawal Chowk, and has two gates that provide access to Bara Kahu. This place is perfect for people who are looking for a peaceful place to sit down and enjoy the beautiful views of Islamabad. The project is approved by the CDA, has all the necessary communication facilities, and a large boulevard 200 meters wide.   The development work is completed by blocks A, B, and H and the estate. On the other hand, development at J Block will start on March 13 and its availability will be available within 1.5 years, as the map of the area has already been approved. Blocks A, B and J move 5 marla sites In A and B, sites are available in cash, and in J buyers can purchase goods through a two-year installment plan. B17 Islamabad: IMPCHS B-17 is located at the bottom of the Margalla Hills, a magnificent community that offers its citizens a beautiful environment and a quiet environment. The B-17 Multi Gardens opened in 2004, but the community is back with the start of the first E-11/3 residential project called Islamabad Gardens in 1989 and E-11/1 in 2001.   The housing community is close to the GT Road and Peshawar-Islamabad highways, as well as connecting routes under the Kashmir Highway, which leads to Islamabad International Airport and Zone II. This project is approved by the CDA and covers more than 16,000 canals.   Development work here has been completed in Blocks A, B, C, D, E and F and availability is also available. Many people have started building their houses here and you will see the commercial area completed again. However, in some parts D, E, and F you will also see other areas that do not belong to them, but the developers are all open with information here so always ask before buying here. In Block G, development work, from March 2021, continues.   You can easily find 5 marla sites in C1, F, and G. Our sources have told us that there is an increase in activity in the five marla areas by real buyers and investors. This is due to competitive prices here. Bahria Orchard Rawalpindi: In Bahria an orchard all residential and commercial sites are now available for sale only. The size of the residential sites is 5 Marla (25x45feet), 8 Marla (30 x 60), 10 Marla (35 x 70 feet Marla and 1 Kanal (50x90). (30x40) and 8 marla (40x45). Site prices are very reasonable Therefore, it is an excellent investment opportunity in Bahria Town. Bahria Orchard Rawalpindi is located in Section 8 adjacent to the F4,10km section from the Main GT Road camp. The sections of the residential sites are 5 Marla 125 meters (25x45fit) 8 Marla (30x60) and 10 Marla 250 yards. Open forms for these properties are available, so you can be the first to book and you will not have to pay any transfer costs. All you have to do is submit your documents (cnic / nicop of self & next of kin), your photo and pay the down payment. Institutions. Park, commercial, school, Masjid Development project has been launched and you can visit the area before booking your place in Bahria Orchard.


Insaf Afternoon Schools Programme by Punjab Government

Education is a basic human right. It plays an important role in improving human health by knowing how the world works. Easy access to education is important in all countries, especially in developing countries, where governments have established a strong network to protect and promote the social and economic well-being of their citizens. In an effort to help Pakistan become a more prosperous society, the Punjab Government has launched the Insaf Afternoon Schools Program which will improve thousands of schools and provide better facilities to encourage people to send their children to school.   The Punjab Provincial Department of Education has launched a program to develop more than 8,000 schools in the province in terms of structure as well as their status. The initiative will also create job opportunities for people who pursue their careers in the education sector.   According to Punjab Education Minister Murad Raas, the government has taken the initiative to rehabilitate existing schools because of a dramatic reduction in the number of primary school graduates. The minister added that after conducting an afternoon school inspection program, there was an increase in the number of students, most of whom were girls.   The government through this program will be providing free cost education to students. Students who enroll in these institutions will have to be admitted free of charge and there is no monthly fee for them. In addition, the government will also provide free textbooks for each student to relieve their parents of the responsibility to do so.   FUNDS ALLOCATED INSAF AFTERNOON SCHOOLS PROGRAMME Budget 2021-22 has provided a lot of money to make educational institutions in Punjab better in terms of buildings and facilities. PKR 856 million has been allocated for the development of girls 'schools while PKR 735 million will be used to improve boys' schools. In addition, a separate PKR 798 million fund has been set aside to provide new facilities to 862 schools. Apart from this, the provincial government has also saved PKR 6.5 billion to spend on evening schools operating under the Insaf Afternoon program. SCHEDULE OF EVENING CLASSROOMS In the afternoon schools to be built in various parts of the Punjab, more staff will be needed to teach students. According to a statement issued by the Minister of Education Punjab, 20,000 school teachers will be temporarily employed as students to teach at these schools and the government has also announced compensation. Middle school classes in primary schools Higher classes in middle schools Higher secondary classes in high schools INSAF SCHOOL PROGRAMME JOBS Applicants who will be selected to teach on these schools will have to meet certain conditions. The teacher's basic education is set at matric until graduation with a minimum grade two. The age limit for male teachers is set at 20-50 years, and for women 20-55. The teacher recruitment process will begin in July. The 20,000 teacher staff who will be employed in afternoon schools will be temporary and employed as students so the compensation package is also designed accordingly. In the first phase of the projects, the Insaf Afternoon Schools Program will be rolled out in six Punjab districts namely Gujranwala, Dera Ghazi Khan, Rahim Yar Khan, Sialkot, Mianwali and Rajanpur. Once successfully implemented in these six districts, the scope of the project will be expanded and 36 districts will be included in the program. According to government estimates, about 3-3.5 million students will be enrolled in the school and the focus will be on rural schools in the Punjab. This is all you need to know about the Insaf Afternoon Schools Program launched in Punjab. For more


Common Real Estate Investment Mistakes and How to avoid them

If you are about to enter the stock market with one of your initial investments, you may be concerned about making common investment mistakes that can cost you your time, energy, and money. Do not be afraid! While there are a number of rules for investing in real estate that can ensure that you do not go too far, we will also write down the most common mistakes that any investor can end up making quickly to hit gold. Common Real Estate Investment Mistakes Some common architectural mistakes made by investors are: Not pre-planning Not enough market research Hiring the wrong people for help Intended for temporary recovery Spending more than your worth Not planning for unexpected expenses Lack of support system Now, let's talk in detail about these investment mistakes and how you can avoid them during your investment. Not Pre-Planning Not having a plan in mind is one of the top investment mistakes you should avoid, and the solution is to make a plan before you start investing in the real estate market. Investment is usually a costly endeavor and no matter how good the effort is, you need to think carefully about your decisions and decide what is best for you in the long run. When buying a home for the first time, you need to consider a number of factors, including the price of the property, your needs, future maintenance costs, growth potential, and more. Therefore, do not rush to make a decision. Always plan ahead to avoid one of the most common Real Estate Investment Mistakes. Not Enough Market Research Buying and selling goods requires a ton of research. It's not just about where you can buy the site or what is the closest thing to where you work. It is about knowing what kind of house you can build on that building based on regional design permits and who your neighbors might be in a particular community.   Research is also needed to make all financial decisions related to real estate investments, including medium-term prices in a particular area, the need for local rental properties, and more. Lack of research, therefore, is one of the most important investment mistakes that should be avoided by all amateur investors. Hiring the Wrong People for help: From a real estate agent who has been hired to help you get a contract from the construction workers who will be working in your area; you need to hire the right people to get the best results. Therefore, you need to get referrals from people you trust and make sure you do a little background check to determine if you are hiring the right professionals for every job. Intended for Short Time Returns One of the biggest mistakes local investors make is that they enter the market unsure of their return or how soon they want to return to their investment. Both of these cases can lead to any confusion, frustration, and financial loss. Therefore, expecting quick and short-term gains is an investment that you should avoid if you are in it to make it bigger. Real estate is, in general, a well-paying industry over time and many experienced investors will tell you that you have invested in a development that will reap profits over the years rather than in a fast-paced capture and moving system that may not be profitable. The most common reason why real estate investments are often done for a long time is that real estate investment is not a liquid saving that can be converted into cash by a second notice. You will definitely lose money under such circumstances, which is why you should always consider the long-term benefits and strengths of the assets before considering your investment portfolio. Spending more than your Worth If you do well in your market research, you will always be hesitant to pay more than what the goods say under any circumstances. However, what if you have missed a major house fault or an insect attack that will cost you extra money to repair before you return the house to market? Under such circumstances, you may end up spending more than you can afford, especially if you spend almost all of your budget on the initial purchase. Not planning for unexpected expenses On the other hand, if you plan to rent a property, make sure that the property is unoccupied for a very long time. Employee employment becomes a pile of money that requires money in the end to keep it cared for but does not bring in income on return. In addition, be careful when trying to find a suitable employer for your area. Ask specific questions to your tenants so that you know you are renting a home to the right person, who will not only pay you on time but will also keep the property in its current condition, rather than adding to your costs in such a way that additional repairs. Lack of Support System This mistake of planting houses and land is very similar to the one above. You should not spend more than you cost when investing in real estate, but while making your financial plans to invest, it is best to set a higher limit and set aside the maximum amount for your emergency savings and sudden expenses. These costs can be personal, medical, or in the form of emergency or emergency repairs. Coming up with Plan A is good, but remember, there are 25 more characters left. So, have a plan B always! All right. Even if you have only invested your savings in real estate, make sure you not only diversify your portfolio by adding a list of properties and types of properties to it but also preparing for the worst. What if you can't sell your property for a long time? Will you sign up for rent? What if you can't find an employer anytime soon? Do you have friends or family who can help you or spread the word around? Plan everything, including what if your investment dreams fall apart?  


How to get NADRA Covid-19 Vaccination Certificate

Like many other countries in the world, vaccination drivers are already prevalent in Pakistan. All information about citizen coronavirus vaccination is collected, managed, and stored in the National Immunization Management System (NIMS), a state-of-the-art data management system introduced by the National Command and Control Center (NCOC). The NCOC is a government sensory center to oversee and provide humanitarian assistance during the Covid-19 epidemic. According to the official NIMS website, millions of citizens are now completely vaccinated in Pakistan. The whole immunization process has accelerated dramatically in the last few months due to the availability of bulk doses and the performance and management of immunization staff across the country. They quickly managed to vaccinate 1800,000 citizens, vaccinated on daily basis. So, if you have just finished your Covid-19 vaccination process and are willing to apply for a vaccine certificate issued by NADRA, then you have made it to the right. In this blog, we will explain the entire online application process for the NADRA Covid-19 Immunization Certificate and discuss its importance. HOW TO GET NADRA COVID-19 VACCINATION CERTIFICATE ONLINE You can apply for your Covid-19 vaccination certificate from NADRA online with a few simple steps outlined below: First, you need to refer to the ‘vaccination certificate’ section of the official NIMS website. Here you will see two empty fields, as shown in the screenshot above. Fill in your CNIC number and release date in the appropriate fields. To confirm that you are a human, not a robot, you will be asked to perform simple calculations by adding two numbers. Send your response and click the ‘ENTER’ button. The website is automatically opened in Urdu for local people. However, foreigners need to click on the highlighted red text from right to left under the website title in order to be redirected to the English version of the website. Now, you must enter your name according to your CNIC / passport. If you have a passport, enter its number in the second category and select your nationality. After submitting this information, you will be redirected to the 'Terms and Conditions page. Go through them carefully and click on the ‘Accept and Continue button. On the next page, you need to fill in your credit card details. You will then be given a digital receipt and your payment details. Carefully review your details shown on the next page before proceeding to the last step, where you can preview and download your certificate. The certificate you download will be available in printable format. Make sure you get a copy of it as soon as possible as it will be your proof of government-approved Covid-19 vaccination. IMPORTANCE AND BENEFITS OF THE NADRA COVID-19 CERTIFICATE Here are some important reasons why you should apply for a vaccination certificate issued by NADRA: First, it is a certificate issued by the provincial government proving your vulnerability to the coronavirus. Another thing that adds a lot to the importance of a vaccination certificate is that it is a mandatory requirement in case you want to fly to wherever you are going abroad. Many educational institutions and corporate organizations are now asking their students and staff, respectively, to be vaccinated and to carry a vaccine certificate issued by NADRA as proof of vaccination. Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) recently introduced a 10% discount on 50+ citizens, which can be obtained by displaying its vaccination certificate issued by NADRA. This brings us to the end of our step-by-step guide on how to obtain a NADRA Covid-19 vaccination certificate online.


How do I generate Leads in Real Estate

Here we will go to share with you 25 years experience of a successful person in Real Estate. I am talking about the founder of Advice Associates who start his journey from one room setup from Faisalabad now the organization has branches in about four cities. Following are the practical steps to increase Real Estate Leads By Social Media Ads: First of all increase your community on Social Media by posting your property on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Face book & Blogging networks. By Making Your Own Website: Your own website can make sure your online presence on google for your prospect clients. You should have your own website and increase organic traffic on it by SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Enlist your property on Famous Portals: The best way to start introducing yourself is to post your listings on famous Real Estate portals like zameen, grana and much more. Advertise on News Papers and Magazines: Try to advertise your brand name or property listings on News Papers and magazines as well. At initial level it can be costly but later on you can do it to make your profile strong. By Making Google Ads: Millions of people visit Google and other Search Engines on daily basis so these are the platforms from which you can get maximum traffic on daily basis to your website. If you want to redirect it without any cost then it requires too much time but in these days Google Adwards resolve this difficulty. By Interacting People Interaction with others who interest in Real Estate is the best way to generate leads. You should take part in different meetings and join different organizations. By taking Feedback from Previous Clients Getting in touch with old customers, getting feedback, and getting to know people who want to buy a property. Stay in touch with other agents Stay in touch with other agents who are working in the area stay in touch with other agents in the area and keep them informed of your property for sale. Some other ways that you can also try By E-Mail Marketing By SMS Marketing By Post Bill Boads By Whatsapp Marketing


How much should I Invest in Real Estate?

To become a successful Investor, you have to add the following three essentials Money Time Energy These are the key to success. Everyone wants to become establish without giving time but it’s quite impossible. While talking about Real Estate Investment this would be hard to say, as no information of your income sources or age are being provided here. Roughly to start Real Estate Investment at least you should have 10 lakh rupees. Choices for a Real Estate Investor A Real Estate Investor has diverse opportunities. Some of them are listed below: Developed Plots Non Developed Plots Residential Plots & Apartments Commercial Plots Shops Installment Plan Houses under construction Furnished Houses It depends on you & your budget to select the right option. Real Estate Pakistan Industry is risk free you need not worry. Moreover, you can start small with a little bit of cash. People with less capital tend to go to the stock market, but that's a risky way to go. Not everyone here manages to secure their capital. Moreover Real Estate is just the opposite. Not only Money is the biggest barrier for the first time Real Estate Investor. But also how much money he requires to spend is the biggest question for him. Let’s move on what you can practically expect to have on hand. To buy a rental Property is the best option for those who want to get some earnings as well their investment. Second one if you don’t have enough amount to buy a rental property then nowadays flexible Installment Plans are introduced by the developers that can be very beneficent to make you the owner of your own property.  From the following Expense categories may be you can get help to answer your queries “How much should I Invest in Real Estate?  Cost Price Down Payment Maintenance & Repairs Before get in to any Market you should have to get opinion from its experts because they have spent their life in that field. They can guide you well about the best investment strategy for you. Advice Associates has been showing the essence of its success in the real estate market since 2001. Their experienced team is always there to guide you. There is no harm in seeking advice. Always before jumping took an advice from two or more experts then took decision. Always before jumping take an advice from two or more experts to make a right decision. ON the behalf of Advice Associates, one expert opinion by us is that don’t rely on the more expensive is better, the bigger is better because affordable houses appreciates faster to generate more cash flow.      


How to Increase the Worth of your Home

When you are looking to sell your house, you must think of the ways its value can be maximised, so you can get the most of what you’ve invested in the first place. While the value of any property is based on a number of factors such as its location, size, ratio of covered to uncovered, etc, there are more factors that can surely usher in higher value and are well within your reach. These factors are the ones that you can control and improve to sell your home at the highest price, as the time for selling your house comes near. This blog has all the details on how to sell your home at the highest price. Let’s begin by reviewing each factor. SELL YOUR HOME AT HIGHEST PRICE: IMPROVE ON THE LOOKS If you really want to sell your home at the highest price, the first thing you need to do is to invest in the looks. You need to think about the next person who will make your house their home, and offer them the best opportunity to do so. Let’s see how this can be done. REPAINT YOUR HOUSE Start by repainting your house. These are the signs you need to look for to know your house is demanding to be repainted. Studies have shown that repainting significantly increases the value of a house, so this is the first thing you need to do. Do your research on the top trending paint colors and get to it! It’s best to stick to neutrals for the interiors, and a bit warmer for exteriors. For interiors, ash wite is always a good neutral option. If the next owner wants to change the color, they’ll be easily able to do so in lighter tones. Before repainting, start with filling any nail holes, and address the seepage problems. Also, get your windows cleaned, and doors polished, and look at any gaps that exist in your window panes. These small repairs, if checked before repainting, will give your house a smooth finish.  RENOVATE YOUR FLOORS Improving your home flooring will significantly increase the value of your home. For the flooring, there are many options to choose from. Choose one that is neither too expensive nor too cheap, and gives a matte finish. For the flooring too, stick with a neutral tone. Lighter tones make a house seem more open and spacious. Also, with lighter tones, there are various ways one can style their home.  Choose marble flooring over wooden flooring, always! While wooden flooring looks much more beautiful, it is expensive and has to be maintained regularly. It also limits one’s options about the decor.  ADD OPTIONS FOR BETTER SPACE UTILIZATION An open store is no good anymore, install cupboards or racks so space can be used efficiently. A pantry, dirty kitchen, and laundry area is a must on the ground floor, provided you have space. Create a laundry area, and if you can, install an automatic washing machine as well. Such designated spaces allow the buyers to know exactly what needs to go where and gives a starting point for what needs to go where.  INVEST IN FURNISHINGS Small furnishings go a long way! Whether you want to live in a particular house, or sell it off, it’s nice to have window blinds. These can be floral or of a neutral color. Pick a shade that works well with your kitchen cabinets so the next person who moves it, doesn’t have to worry about finding new ones. Work on window shades, especially on your first floor. This adds to the value of the house as it serves as a shield against monsoon rains. Also, install a thick-glass door at your terrace entrance, along with a thick steel door. Your windows should have a movable grill that can also be locked. These are all safety features as well serve as protection against drastic weather changes.  In your dining room, having a showcase for crockery also brings in more money. These really small changes are what the home buyers are looking for these days and will surely help you out as well if you are looking to sell your house at a higher price.  If you are confident in your taste preferences, you can also get new curtains, and factor the price of this in the total cost. Anything that looks good, sells for a much higher price! Always remember this. In some cases, if your electronics, like air conditioners or kitchen appliances are relatively new, you can also leave them behind. Some people love to take on as much as they can from a newly-bought house. INSULATION Home insulation is all the rage these days. It allows for effective heating and cooling and saves on energy costs. This is a huge undertaking, and so any house that comes with it will be greatly desired and sold for a higher price!  LANDSCAPING Present your outdoors in the best possible way with these easy landscaping tips. The size of your lawn doesn’t matter, what matters is how it looks. Make the best use of space. In most housing societies it is against the bylaws to have the lawn tiled, so avoid that at all costs. Hire a landscaping professional and plant flowers that are in season. If you have a bigger space, that’s all you need to let your creativity with natural beauty flow! For a smaller lawn, you can get more potted plants. There is a wide variety of pots now available at all local nurseries. The vertical frame of pots makes the best use of space. Get a small hedge for your outdoor lawn or use pebbles or bricks to construct a small boundary or install a white picket fence. Get some potted plants for your garage area and the colors run through.


How to Transfer Property in Pakistan

Everybody in Pakistan is authorized to possess or deep root (Beneficial) Property, In spite of their financial or residential repute. In this article, we will clear the confusion of the property registration and Transfer. Some people often not able to recognize the difference between these two terms. These two terms contain a great explanation, some facts which will clear your concept is given below: In the majority, Pakistan is a Muslim country, from where many people related to different religions and cultures are living there. Here some facts about the property transformation in Pakistan. In Pakistan Legal Transfer of property: Two main facts that are important to discuss before starting it: Inheritance OR Patrimony of property After somebody died Real Estate was given to somebody as a prize Let's See the further details: After someone's Death Inheritance OR Patrimony of property In the legal property rights inheritance of the land property automatically delegated in Pakistan when the property owner has died. In the light of the Property transfer movement & Islamic Rules, no matter what of secs, there is no idea of Will, all the property is distributed equally to the presumptive heir. This property transfer based on the closest relation of the dead person. Blood Relatives usually are the most legal heir of the property. we can understand the term of the Inheritance of the property that the property is distributed to the person by the property owner in their life. It is totally dependent on the property owner to give their property in the charity or give to anybody as a gift. He can donate it to the humanitarian Organization OR Charity center for the betterment of the poor mankind. After distribution, no one can case on this property after the donor's death.   Real Estate was given to somebody as a prize Without market values and rates into thoughts, immovable land properties are usually offered as a present or gift. In Pakistan, Everybody has the right to donate their possessions or property to anybody as a gift. Some facts which need your concentration to understand to transfer the property as a gift in Pakistan. Frequent disposes of the donor from the ownership of the specific property Accept the property present by the donor Certificate of Property Tax CNIC Copies to prove The statement is recorded in written form Building Control Authority By NOC Here we will present some major differences between these terms. hope so it's beneficial and according to Pakistan's law & rules. With Best Wishes take care!


Kamyab Kisan Tractor Program

Kamyab Kisan Program is going to start from Sahiwal, Very good initiative of the present government; the government has decided to help the farmers. There are farmers across the country that is up to 30-45 years old and if they want to move forward in the field of agriculture, the government has decided to hold their hand. To overcome the shortage of resources is the only purpose behind this program by the prime minister at Sahiwal. Prime Minister Muhammad Usman Dar video message “As you know, agriculture [sector] works as a backbone of the country’s economy that is why the farmers are being given access to all the resources.” He also revealed that those farmers who are lagging behind in life due to lack of tractors, equipments & plants will serve in this phase. Now the question raised on how to apply for this loan. The answer is below: How to apply for Kamyab Kisan Program??? The procedure to apply for the Kaymab Kisan Programme online is written below: Visit the official web address: When the pop-up appears then click on “Apply for Loan” Fill the Section from A to D by clicking on the Next button Reaching on Section E, Select “Agriculture” as your industry “Agriculture Machinery” as the business sector. Your sub-sector for this scheme will be ‘Tractor’ Click on Submit You should note down the registration number that will appear on your screen. You will also receive an SMS. You will receive an SMS from our team when your application moved to your next step. Note: You should check your CNIC number, your date of Birth and its issuance date will be corroborated with NADRA. LIST OF REQUIRED DOCUMENTS You will require clear pictures or scanned copies of the following documents: Passport size picture The front and back sides of your CNIC Latest Educational degree or certificate, if applicable Experience certificate(s), if applicable License or registration with a chamber/trade body, if applicable Recommendation letter from the respective chamber, trade body, or union (mandatory for existing businesses) It is also recommended to have the following information at hand before applying for the program: National Tax Number (if you don’t have one, please obtain one by registering at FBR) Consumer ID of your home’s electricity bill Consumer ID of your office’s electricity bill, if applicable Registration number of your vehicle, if applicable Name, CNIC, and phone numbers of two references (other than blood relatives)